Why Does High There Matter?

If you’re like most of the High There users, you can’t wait to log in, eager for content reflecting anything from growing tips and smoking videos to adorable pets and cannabis business information. Oh, let’s just say it: High There is the go-to app for stoners! 

But, have you wondered the way it all began? And why does High There matter? 

The story of how founders Darren Roberts and Kenny Frisman decided they wanted to create a cannabis dating app following a particularly awkward date, during which one of the founders learned his date was heavily bothered by cannabis use. This is how High There was born. 

However, these days, High There has transformed from just a dating app into a popular social media platform and educational resource that has built an established community of cannabis users of all kinds.

Many people turn to the app when they catch a break at work, between classes (or yes, probably even during classes too!) or just because that’s part of how they relax when they are at home.

People are, by nature, quite social. So, it’s generally very satisfying to see likes and comments showing up on our smoking videos or pictures of that evening’s smoke sesh options. It’s fun! It’s also a convenient way to see what your friends or other cannabis enthusiasts in your area are up to without having to directly interact with them.

With High There, it’s as though the users are in their own virtual world completely separate from the other platforms. 

But, why is that important? 

Why does High There matter?


Why Does High There Matter?

Popular among a variety of cannabis enthusiasts of all ages, High There has a way of connecting people through its posts. While many people say social media has its drawbacks, many can also agree that High There accounts carry a fair number of benefits for many individuals. 

Here are a few of those benefits. 

1. Creating and nurturing relationships 

High There is a niche social media app, making it easier to find groups of like-minded individuals or to make new friends who enjoy hitting the bong as much as you do. Finding a tight community can help us to feel accepted, valued, and seen. 

With the location feature, users can create and nurture relationships with people thousands of miles away, right there in their home city, or anywhere in between. You can keep up with the crops being grown by people you run into at a sesh, convention, or other cannabis event.

Regardless of where users live in the world, High There makes it possible to easily communicate and share cannabis-related content with one another without worry of censorship. This level of connectedness is a unique advantage of the app.  

2. Building engaged communities

In line with a deep level of connectedness, one of the primary reasons the High There app matters is that it grants the ability for people to build and grow engaged social communities focused on their favorite things -- like cannabis. 

High There gives users the power to easily find and connect with like-minded individuals from all over the globe. 

The best part? During a global pandemic that has us mainly limited to the confines of our home (or at least, we’re really supposed to be), High There makes it possible to still virtually meet new people in your area and find common ground with people who already have at least a few of the sames interests as you. 

This is especially important for those living in remote or rural areas, where a sense of connectedness is difficult to find. 

3. Finding and using your voice

High There has over 100, 000 downloads from people 21 and older. People of varying ages can use the app to develop a platform with a much larger and more engaged audience than they would in any other social media setting. This can help individuals develop a voice, build confidence, improve communication skills, and quickly spread positive and important, educational messages. 

For instance, there are categories in which the posts users create are sorted. These categories include Canna Biz, Grow Your Own, Pain Sleep Mood, and others. By posting in these groups, users get a sense of communicating with different groups of people about similar topics. This, in turn, can help build confidence in life outside of the platform.

4. Provides support and solidarity 

Remember when you couldn’t find an answer to your question about how in the heck CBD actually works, explained in a way that makes sense? What about that time you were totally unsure about why your plant’s leaves were turning yellow? Or how about that trip to the dispensary that went oh-so-wrong? Whatever dilemma you’ve found yourself in, chances are turning to your friends for support has been immensely helpful. 

The same goes for High There!

One of the most powerful benefits of using the High There app is its community’s ability to provide support and solidarity. The people on High There are helpful individuals who work together to help other users overcome common stumbling blocks like finding the right type of dab rig or bong, finding the best terpene profile for certain needs, or even more poignant struggles like using cannabis to overcome addiction or to treat chronic illness. 

In times of uncertainty, frustration, stress, and even pain, the High There app acts as a powerful tool that brings people together to lift one another up when they most need the support. 

5. Brings awareness to issues and causes

One of the things that separates High There from other apps is the way users are able to use the platform to bring awareness to cannabis-related issues and causes, such as criminalization. 

Users can also offer and receive support for their own work related to cannabis -- whether that is starting a business in the industry, sharing cannabis photography, or writing detailed reviews. Users can find others in this niche to connect with and share what matters to them.


6. Allows open and comfortable communication 

Social media, in general, is known for launching new topics and trends. While many conversations (or, let’s be honest: arguments) may seem too controversial and divisive for many platforms, High There allows open and comfortable communication about cannabis, legalization, and cannabis business. There are opportunities within the app to engage in discussions, learn from the resource center, and grow in your knowledge of cannabis and the industry. 

High There does not censor the cannabis-related content of their users, unlike other social media platforms. With other apps, even following all of the community guidelines will result in a shadowban or permanent deletion if cannabis is mentioned or visually in the content. This is a huge loss for many, especially those who conduct their work via social media. 

The open, honest, and comfortable dialogue on High There is certainly refreshing and one that stands as a model for other social media platforms.

7. Spreads news effectively

News from practically anywhere in the world can spread rapidly on social media platforms. While this can be a bit overwhelming at times, depending on what is going on, it also keeps users informed of current important events. 

The majority of social media users do so to stay informed of news and current events.

With High There, news of cannabis legalization, politics, products, industry trends, and more can be shared far and wide in just a minute. This is a huge benefit to many who don’t want to scour the main news sites just for mentions of cannabis and related topics. 

With High There, for instance, someone can post about a new strain that was cultivated. The information gets to thousands of people within a very short time. Same with a new law or other legal stipulation, new products, or innovative ideas.

8. Serves as a valuable, educational resource

High There is more than just an app on which cannabis users can meet other stoners. The site and the app both provide access to an entire library of educational articles, divided into categories like Business, Cannabis 101, and Health and Wellness. 

App users can use the search function to find articles related to any cannabis questions they may have, no matter how simple or complex the answer. Having such a wealth of accurate information about cannabis right at their fingertips is a huge benefit for any consumer, and High There provides exactly that. 

The Importance of High There

High There, both the app and the website, are highly beneficial for cannabis consumers of all legal ages. And, it is for several reasons you may not have previously given much thought to -- and it can help you stay motivated with your grow or cannabis journey in general. 

High There is the kind of app that brings you into the heart of the cannabis world -- and all you have to do is be active on it. 

Written by Alexia P. Bullard, Booklexia Content Marketing 

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