Want to be a Brand Ambassador??


The High There Affiliate Program is officially open for enrollment!

Want to grow your social media platforms, while meeting and engaging with a brand-new community of eager, like-minded enthusiasts? Our affiliate program will allow your friends and followers to save 10% Off on all High There Lifestyle gear! Ambassadors also earn a 15% commission for all their hard work paid via our High Dollars reward system, good for EXCLUSIVE merchandise that regular money won't be able to buy on our store! 

We want our loyal supporters to enjoy the High There life as a part of our ever growing community, and Sponsorships will be awarded to the best performing Ambassadors of each quarter. We'll be selecting community members that best represent the High There core values and range of products; not just because that's what being sponsored means, but because we believe it's the right thing to do.


Our affiliate program is all about interacting with the community and promoting a healthy lifestyle. It isn't about how many followers you have: It's about how you engage with our community members, and how we can partner together to create both sales and excitement around the High There brand.

We're making the choice to build High There around people who can help us make our platform the best it can be. We want High There to be an open, welcoming community filled with real, enthusiastic people; people that genuinely care about sharing knowledge, helping one another, and building something strong together. 

Take the challenge and lets see what kind of potential you have. Apply below to get started on your INFLUENCER journey.

Care to join us?